Golf Tournament Fundraising

Let’s face it while a day of competitive golf beats just about anything we can think of, if the golf event you’re planning doesn’t raise funds for your charity you’ve pretty much wasted your time.

What we’ve noticed is that with all the events happening locally and nationally, it just isn’t enough to offer a great meal and a great day of golf. Players and sponsors expect more for their money. That said, there are a couple of programs that you can add to your day that will increase your field and increase your donation to your charity.

Trust us, these few things have become tried and true foundations to a great event.

Silent and Live Auctions

The golf auction is fast becoming a staple of the successful event because they add fun and excitement to the event for the players and adds crucial additional funds to your donation to your charity.

To learn more, click  Golf Auction or check out Golf Galaxy for some great off-season deals!

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